About NawinLabz


When Nawin Talari was pursuing his Bachelor's in Computer Science & Engineering. He Worked for many clients in developing applications. Then, he decided to form an organization named 'NawinLabz' with no one support.


Got placed in Various companies with his talent and finally joined in a company to learn the environment and business tactics happens in a software company.

More Experience

He thought the work environment is not satisfactory and decided to work as freelancer again and completed Central Government Projects and other projects.

Out of Branch

To Learn more working strategies, he just shifted from software world to hardware world to communicate close with people in the market. Moved to different locations and worked in electrical department.

New Era Begins

Finally, He raised his savings from past years and started the venture in the month of may end. Started teaching courses in colleges and also in office space. Hired some technical experts into my team and created a goodwill in the market without any marketing stategies. NawinLabz known to all just by the Brand itself.

Disaster 2020

Due to pandemic, he closed the office space from the location and started working from home by managing in calls. After some clearance of the pandemic, he shifted to Hyderabad and gathered clients to make huge business when the market is down. And started Win Research Centre with DG Ashwin, Founder in Mysore.

More Opportunities

Gatherd Clients from different places and completed their requirement and with the saving again he started a new business named '', you can find more details about this business in the link provided. And started a franchise to expand the business.